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uACR Measurement

uACR (urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio) measurement is a crucial diagnostic test used in healthcare to assess kidney function and screen for kidney damage. This measurement is valuable in detecting and monitoring conditions such as chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetes-related kidney complications.


Broad Range Detection

Proflo-U has a broad albumin detection range from 30 - 1000 mg/L & creatinine detection range from 200 - 3000 mg/L, Proflo-U is your partner in achieving accurate and consistent results, revolutionizing the way albumin & creatinine detection is approached.

Proflo-U® Catridges

An ergonomic, sealed vial with formulated reagents for kidney biomarker detection in urine. Transforms into a cuvette for precise measurement upon urine addition. Sturdy leg for stability, broad neck for easy handling.


Testing Time

Just in

2 Mins

Designed to meet the demands of fast-paced medical environments, our advanced technology ensures accurate results without compromising precision. Whether in emergency situations, busy clinics, or time-sensitive research scenarios, Proflo-U by Prantae Solutions empowers you to swiftly gather crucial albumin & creatinine level information, enabling prompt decision-making and effective patient care.

Let’s Compare

How we are different from conventional industrial analyzer ?

Clinical Analyzer


Requires visits to nearby clinics, potentially leading to delays in accessing results.


Typically involves costly equipment and specialized clinics, making it less accessible to the general public.

Requires Skilled Technicians

Often necessitates trained technicians to operate and interpret the results, adding complexity and dependency.

Clinic Visits Required

Requires patients to visit specialized clinics, which may not always be easily accessible or convenient.


Quick and Efficient

Provides results in minutes, enabling timely decisions and interventions.


Offers a cost-effective solution for individuals and home use.

Easy and Intuitive

Can be operated with just three simple steps, making it accessible to users of all backgrounds.

Anywhere Usage

Portable and can be used at home or in any location, ensuring convenience and continuity of care. Very useful in Clinical environment.

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Proflo-U by Prantae Solutions is good for both patients and Clinics/Hospitals.

If you are a medical professional, connect with us to know how Proflo-U can help you and experience the effectiveness of Proflo-U with a live demonstration.

See how easy it is to use and how powerful it is while our experts show you how it works.


Navigating Patient Data with the Proflo-U® Dashboard

With the clinical partner dashboard offered by Proflo-U presents a comprehensive and user-centric interface for healthcare professionals. With a focus on clarity and ease of use, the dashboard provides access to patient data, test results, and trends. Its intuitive design allows clinicians to quickly interpret and analyze information, aiding in informed decision-making.


Report Sharing On-the-Go with Proflo-U® App

Our innovative Proflo-U mobile app by prantae Solutions takes albumin & creatinine detection to the next level by allowing you to share detailed reports directly from your mobile device. Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, this feature simplifies collaboration between medical teams and doctors, enabling you to effortlessly provide accurate albumin level assessments no matter where you are.

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Seamless Report Sharing

With this one-of-a-kind patient report, one can generate detailed reports containing essential patient data and albumin measurements, ensuring that doctors have access to the necessary information to provide optimal care.


Download Proflo-U® App and Take Care of Your Kidney Health.

Take control of your kidney health with the Proflo-U app by Prantae Solutions. Download the app today from your app store, and get instant access to your kidney health information, test results, and reports. With a user-friendly interface and fast, personalized insights, the Proflo-U app makes it easy to stay on top of your kidney health and work with your healthcare provider to develop a care plan that meets your unique needs. Don't wait - download the Proflo-U app today and start taking control of your kidney health.

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