Proflo-U® MAX

Especially designed for personal use. One touch operation with no requirement for calibration at the user end. This comes with factory calibration. It is compatible with android phones and tablets. It comes with the app that can be customized to store health records. The device has long shelf life about 50,000 tests. The device comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. 


Proflo-U® Pro

Designed for the accuracy and precision of the diagnostic labs. Robust operating system to manage multiple patient profile and users. It comes with factory calibration but also gives an option for calibration at the user end. The device has been designed to withstand the wear n tear of lab conditions. The device has been tested to operate continuously for a stretch of 10 hours without any break. The device has long shelf life about 1,00,000 tests. The device comes with 3 years extended manufacturer warranty.  


Proflo-U® Catridge U-Alb

Proflo-U® Cartridge U-Alb Test


This innovative lab in cartridge is designed for precise measurement of micro-albuminuria to macro-albuminuria range. The cuvettes has been ergonomically designed for user convenience. No complex sample preparation steps. The cartridge acts as the lab technician and the lab itself to process Urine to get the precise measurement of albumin content in the urine. 

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